coudenberg sound box fest

Joining forces with the extremely talented Catalina Vincens,  Conor is looking forward to performing as a duo for the Coudenberg Sound Box Fest in summer 2021, Brussels. Catalina and Conor are exploring works from the 17th century by English composers as expats in Belgium, and their contemporaries who influenced their style. 

Here is a brief extract and interview with the Belgian news channel BX1.



Conor Gricmanis and his ensemble Noxwode are incredibly excited to be planning their first recording of Uccellini's op.4 and op.5, and shall be joined by the esteemed Timothy Roberts, and the leader of the Academy of Ancient Music Bojan Cicic.

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mozart flute



Conor and The WIG Society are exploring research into the shapes and setups of historical chamber ensembles, and are enjoying including 16 ft instruments, such as the Double Bass or Violone, when the bass part states 'basso' instead of 'Cello'. The WIG Society is looking deeply into historical artefacts, such as treatise, compositional notes, essays, and iconography to move away from the 19th century idea of a string quartet, toward what may be a more historical approach with a more fluid and encouraging setup. Supported by various evidence, TWS is sporting the idea of voice, and how composers such as Mozart come from a close schooling of the Baroque era which encouraged various continuo instruments at one time. This raises ideas such as combining two bass instruments to make one voice, much like the use of various organ stops, in addition with composers such as Haydn stating 'Cello' in one quartet, and 'Basso' in the next, and even including a figured bass line. Keep up to date with The WIG Society on their Facebook page and website.



An extract from a performance of the Bach St John Passion. Using muted Violins, and with Conor as leader of the Alba Consort in 2017 during his undergraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music.


This was one of two concerts in The Barbican and St James Piccadilly. Since then, Conor has led various Bach passion performances and has performed solos on Viola d'amore, with ensembles such as The Musical & Amicable Society and Noxwode.


violin concertos

As part of the Illyria Consort, Conor took great pleasure in taking part in this disk recording of Giornovich Violin Concertos as 1st Violin, with Bojan Cicic as soloist, who at the time was Conor's professor of Violin.

bach, st matthew passion - academy of ancient music

At King's College, Cambridge, Conor embarked on recording the Bach St Matthew Passion as part of the Academy of Ancient Music, conducted by Sir Stephen Cleobury, and with the choir of King's College. Conor was part of the first orchestra, and was still a student at the Royal College of Music when this recording took place.

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