The pandemic has seen many freelancers, artists, and musicians struggle, as Covid-19 rules have banned, or restricted, performances worldwide and have left many musicians without work. Conor, like many other recent graduates, has fallen through the net when it comes to financial aid from the government, and has even been refused universal credit as he has needed to attend auditions and rehearsals outside of the UK. Before the pandemic, Conor's career was promising  both as a chamber musician and as a soloist; working with orchestras such as the Academy of Ancient Music, preparing for his first solo album recording of Uccellini sonatas, and now leading ensembles such as Noxwode, Europa Ritrovata, and The WIG Society. Due to being a recent graduate, and also a freelancer, Conor has not been able to apply to many financial aids set up during the pandemic, as most charities and aids base grants on previous income, where Conor was still a student. Without this, paying rent has been almost impossible, and sadly experienced homelessness and had slept rough for a period of time whilst finishing his master's degree. Conor has had to return bows to luthiers as he cannot continue payments, and in order to survive Conor has had to sell violin bows (now having to borrow a student bow), and is now facing to have to sell his violin, or consign it to auction - all of which are vital tools for his career. If you would like to support Conor, or help raising funds for a Violin bow, please follow the links below.